Thursday, August 25, 2011

Seasonally Challanged

I've finally figured out that I am never happy.  When it's winter, I want summer, when it's summer I want fall.  Basically I think I would like to alternate between autumn and spring year round, except for a nice heavy snowfall around the 2nd week in December that will last until Dec. 26.  Summer is great for only one reason...I don't have to work.  The heat, the humidity, the mosquitoes and thank you!!  I sweat like a pig, my hair looks like a shrub, and I just do not look good in shorts!  Then we have after day of bone-aching cold, grey skies, frozen feet, layers upon layers of clothing.  Bleh!  Not to mention Seasonal Affective Disorder!  I like Spring...lots of bright colors, the whole world smells green, I can actually put my arms down all the way from not having to wear 16 shirts under my bulky winter coat!  And Fall is awesome!  All those beautiful leaves falling, a bit of crispness in the air, smells of fires in fireplaces.  Pumpkins!  Is there a place on Earth where it is spring and fall all year long?  If so, that's where I am going!