Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Freaking LOVE Kitties!!!

I am a cat person.  Anyone who knows me is saying "DUH Robin!!"  Cats just make me happy. Cats are awesome.  I am taking this time to honor my kitties with this disgustingly adorable photo montage of my babies doing what they do best!

First, playing.....
Gonna get'cha!!!

Boxes are great kitty toys!

Syd loves to help cook.

Well, I don't even need to tell you about the fun in this pic!

Or this one!

Apparently cats like to clean as well as play!

And they also do laundry.

My cats help with the gardening.

Empty bags are a great source of entertainment!

As are all sizes of boxes.


You can spend your money on those funky cat toys  if you want.

Spiders on the ceiling make for some cheap thrills...
as do shoes and....
trash bags!

Now, sleeping....

Stormy used to love to sleep in the sink.  

Boxes are great for napping.

Christmas trees are a favorite sleeping spot for our kitties!

These guys never fail to entertain, even when sleeping!



yoga nap!

I really don't know what to make of this.

Butt pillow

OMG!  Look at those little paws!!

I love this!  He looks like a sleeping drunk!

He starts to ooze when he gets too warm!


"Oh me achin' head!"

"Why you wake me up?  You brushed teefs yesterdays!"

Check out Bailey's (dog) face!  She's like "I didn't do anything!!"

I LOVE this guy!

Of course, I wanted to use that yarn!

Sleeping with his favorite picture!

Nappy goodness!

Who needs one of those "draft blocker" things when you have him??

I felt obligated to add this one of Bailey just because it cracks me up!  What dog sits like that???

So that's my blog entry for today.  Not much "blog" but lots of "SQUEEEEE"!!!