Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Holidays??

First, may I say that if you are reading this...COOL!!!!  That make me giggle like a little girl!  Thank you for reading, and if I can make you smile, or even just ponder something, I will be a very happy person!  Feel free to become a follower and leave "Why the hell do you use so many exclamation points????"  :o)
Today I would like to vent a little.  Why is it not ok to publicly put up Christmas decorations but it IS okay to decorate for every other holiday?  I work in a school.  There is not to be any talk of Christmas, but we discuss Hannukkah, Eid and Kwanza.  Now, if I am not mistaken, Hannukkah is a religious holiday.  I am NOT in any way bashing anything Jewish.  I am part Jewish.  What I AM saying is that if we can talk about a holiday that talks about a miracle (and where do miracles come from?  I've always heard they come from God, or a higher power), why can't we talk about Christmas?  In America, unfortunately Christmas has lost a huge amount of it's religion.  It's become a time to glut on cookies, shop until you are bankrupt, and "get stuff".  When you ask children about Christmas it's all about "what I'm gonna get".  It's a rare event if a child even mentions Jesus.  It's all "Santa comes and gives me stuff".  So why can't we decorate for it?  A Christmas tree is not a symbol of religion to most people.  It's there to put "stuff" under and look pretty in the window.  I have never read anything in the bible about a big fat man dressed in red that breaks into houses by going down the chimney.  I see no problem with people saying Merry Christmas and having Christmas trees or Santas.  Face it....that's why we go nuts in December in the first place!  It doesn't bother me to see giant menorahs or other religious displays, as long as they are respectful (there use to be a house around here that would put up a display with a toilet being pulled by reindeer.  That bothered me a bit).  I also very much enjoy seeing a nice display with Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.  Show me the 3 wise men and I'm even happier!  It IS what Christmas is supposed to be about, isn't it?  I am all for celebrating holidays from where ever you are from, but do not stop me from enjoying MY holiday either.  Please feel free to share your holiday and traditions with me, but let me share mine with you as well.  These people who are "offended" by signs of Christmas...get a hobby!  Seriously, aren't there more important things to get offended by these days, like terrorism, people burning our country's flag, illegal aliens (don't even get me started on that!)?  I am all for coexisting.  We really need to learn to get along.
**If I have offended you in ANY way, I sincerely apologize.  This is an opinion, that is all.


  1. it's becauase most people with an opinion about it aren't as resonable as you are; and they are much more litigious than you are.
    for every dollar that a government funded entity spent on Christmas, they'd have to spend equal dollars on Hannukah, Kwanza, Divali, Eid, etc etc.
    since all this consternation arose from a bored, religious fringe element, the government went secular and removed all specific religious references from it's holiday footprint. it was cheaper and bullet-proof in a courtroom.
    but the fringe element still had corporate targets to protest and boycott, so business followed government with the same boring 'white lights' holiday spirit.
    i still celebrate Christmas in my house and in my yard [if not in church; meh, what can i say].
    neither government nor corporations have ever taught me anything useful, and i certainly don't look to them for holiday cheer.
    that's what friends are for. like you!

  2. I'm falling apart and want to go home.