Friday, February 4, 2011

Born To Run? Not so much.

Some are born to run (and not in a Bruce Springsteen sort of way.  I mean the jogging type).  Some are born to sit on the couch, wrapped up in a cozy blanket with a tray full of snacks and a stack of movies next to them.  That would be me.  I can see people run by my house from my front window.  I give them a mental high-5.  You go!  Just leave me out of it!
I work with some young, pretty, energetic teachers who get together and run after school.  There are days when I think "I could do that!" and then reality hits me (usually in the lower back or the knees) and says "Yeah, RIGHT!!".  Maybe I could drive next to them and chat, but I'm a distracted driver.  I'd probably end up running them over.  I do envy my co-workers.  They run to stay fit, to be able to eat what they want, to challenge themselves.  I admire their strength and endurance.  I just don't have the energy or the stamina for it.  As they get ready to go for their run, I'm doing my best to get the heck out of the building and get home to my couch!  We use to have a teacher who was a marathon runner...BIG time serious physical fitness person.  She moved like there was no effort involved at all.  I heard of a Cherry Blossom race that she ran with some other teachers, only she ran it while taking pictures, running backwards, and about 7 months pregnant.  Wow!
My act of kindness to all runners everywhere is that I will stay home and out of your way.  You go run.  Whether it be 19 degrees and icy or 108 in the shade, I will tip my hat to you.  I don't understand you at all, but damn it....YOU GO!!!  :o)

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  1. Oh yeh! I'm right next to you on the couch. Have you ever noticed that you don't see very many smiling joggers?