Saturday, May 12, 2012

Born late

     I was born too late.  I missed out on some really cool stuff just by being too old.  I totally missed the goth thing!  I would've loved goth.  I would've looked like crap but I do love black.  I never got my nose pierced or got a tattoo.  The only things I can really buy at Hot Topic are t-shirts (I love that store!).  I never dyed my hair blue (or green or pink).  Know what I DID get to do?  I survived the 70's.  I was around for disco and lived to talk about it.  I used layers of shiny blue eye shadow.  My hair had "wings" and "feathers".  I had a shiny blue satin jacket, and I wore it roller skating!  My friends and I disco-danced to the flashing lights on our Christmas tree!  I kept a transistor radio under my pillow in case my favorite songs came on.  I had a friend with an 8 track tape player.  I am OLD!  But inside I am still around 17.  How does one function like that?  I look in the mirror and think "Who the hell is that old lady looking at me???"  When I go shopping, I don't know where to look for clothes...the petite department has old lady clothes!  The other clothes make me look like I'm pretending to be younger than I am.  Mini skirts are out of the question...veiny legs!  YUCK!
    The one thing I do that might be grasping at youth is I have my hair long.  I sometimes wear it in braids.  Is that stupid?  Braids are cool because I can wash my hair, braid it, and sleep on it.  Then I don't have to do anything with it the next day!  And the day after, I have curly hair!
     I don't really like getting older.  Maybe because I don't feel like I'm going to be 48.  Is it too late to get my nose pierced, or dye a blue streak through my hair?

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