Friday, December 10, 2010

Thank you, God!!

and now:

God knew what he was doing when he gave us Danny as a son.  He knew we would only be able to have one child, so he gave us a son who would be child-like forever.  Danny is the perfect fit for us.  He is simplistic and complicated all at the same time.  He is amazing sense of humor!  Danny is 20 years old and still holds our hands when we are out in public.  He still kisses us goodnight.  He say's "I love you" whenever he leaves the room.  Danny still hugs us, and he will kiss the top of our heads as he walks by (if we are sitting down).  He sings to us and dances for us (not always a good thing for the ears, but it IS entertaining to watch).  Danny can be found each and every morning snuggled in his bed with his teddy bear tucked under his chin and his large stuffed power ranger nearby.  He is kind and friendly to just about everyone, especially to those who are lower functioning than he is.  He LOVES to help other kids, and he LOVES LOVES LOVES babies!!!  And kitties!  His teachers adore him, as do his friends.  Danny is sweet and handsome, and he has a beautiful soul that shines through every time he smiles.  And he is loved unconditionally by us, forever and always.


  1. Lucky Danny! He has a great Mom and Dad who love him and make sure he has all he needs to become a self sufficient, loving adult.