Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A day in the life

Actually it's more along the lines of about 2 hours.  THIS is what I go through just about each and every day now, and may I just say...DON'T ever give your kid a game that he can only play on YOUR Wii!!  So here it is.  I get home and Danny wants to play his DBZ Wii game.  I told him he has to wait for me to get home because I don't want him breaking MY Wii.  He's waiting for me at the front door, controllers in his hands.  "How do you turn it on?!"  All I can think of is I need to pee.  I get him set up, ask if he's good, then go about taking off my coat.  "Mom, watch me!"  *sigh*  So I bring in some pictures that need sorting and I sit there and watch him get the crap beat out of him by another character.  After a while I get up to get a drink.  "MOM!  Aren't you going to watch me?!?"  "Danny, I'll be there in a minute!"  I sit and watch for another 10 minutes, then tell him I'm going to take a shower.  "Are you good?  Do you need help with anything before I go?"  "Nope"  Great!  So I start running the water for the shower when I hear "MOM!"  I come rushing out of the bathroom to hear "Watch this!"  JEEEEEEZ!!!!!  "No Danny.  I'm going to take a shower.  You're on your own for a bit".  I'm in the shower, shampoo on my head when >knock knock< and the door busts open (this is pretty typical.  He knows he HAS to knock, but we're still working on waiting for an answer before opening the door).  "Mom!  Come see this!"  "......Danny, did you notice that I am in the shower?"  "You need to see this Mom!  It's cool!"  "It'll still be just as cool in about 5 minutes"  "MOM, I want you to see this!"  "Danny!  I'm in the freaking shower!!  It'll have to wait!"  SLAM goes the bathroom door.  2 minutes later >knock knock<  "Mom can you come see now?"  "No!  I'll be out when I'm out"  About 3 minutes later I turn off the water.  Not 2 seconds go by before >THUD< (we've moved beyond mere knocking)  "Can you come see now?"  "Danny, I am standing here soaking wet.  Give me 5 minutes!"  I grab a towel and I hear from the living room "I'm waiting for you!".  Oh    my    gosh!!!!  I'm going to have to kill him.  I dry off, get my pj's on and still with a towel on my head, go into the living room.  What he needed me to see was him getting the crap beat out of him by a different character.  Fascinating.  I watch this for about 5 minutes and very casually get up to go dry my hair.  "Mom, you're gonna miss it!"  "Miss what???  You're getting beat to hell!  Is that what you want me to see??"  "No Mom!  I'm gonna win and you'll miss it!"  ARRRGGG!!!  I sit for a few more minutes, the just get up and walk away.  My hair by now is a frizzy mess and I'm freezing and grumpy.  FINALLY Jim comes home.  Just in time...Danny turns the game off and goes in the basement!  Talk about good timing!!  Later on Dan comes up and says "Mom I'm getting good at that game right?"  "Yes Danny.  You are getting fantastic at that game."  "Can I play again tomorrow?"

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