Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Remember When...

Do you remember when you were a kid and you actually played with toys.  These days I think most of the toys play by themselves and the kids just watch.  They whistle and beep and light up and move and talk and flash and pee, poop and throw up all by themselves.  Just add batteries.  I remember the smell of a box of brand new crayons.  The really big one with the sharpener on the back!  Awesome!  And puzzles!  We'd go to the beach and just have a puzzle going all the time.  You could walk by on your way out, pop in a piece and be on your way, happy and satisfied that you had done your part.
Remember being bored?  Maybe your best friend wasn't home, or it was raining out, and you just thought you were gonna DIE from boredom.  You always found something to do eventually.  Maybe not what you wanted to do, but I never heard of anyone really dying from being bored.  My mom would always say "Are you bored? I can find something for you to do" which meant either vacuuming, dusting, cleaning your room, folding laundry, washing the dishes, mowing the lawn or any other not-fun things that involved some sort of work.  I'd shut myself in my room.  You must be busy if you are shut in your room.  Maybe doing homework....HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!  No, I'd be going through my book shelves or my closet, or I'd rearrange my bedroom furniture.  Or I'd draw.  NEVER homework.  You just don't do that when you are bored.
I remember when we were really young, when we'd get something like a new refrigerator...some sort of large appliance.  We (the kids) would get the box.  It was always HUGE!!!  We would play with that box for hours until it fell apart.  Now THAT was fun!
I also remember me and my friend Pam packing a lunch (bologna and mustard sandwich and chips) and going up on the hill to eat.  We lived in up state NY and "up on the hill" was probably some one's enormous backyard.  They never knew we were there.  If they did they never said anything.  We'd eat apples right off the apple trees.  I don't think kids are allowed to do much of that kind of wandering anymore.  That's sad.

I was just taking a short stroll down memory lane.  Thanks for coming with me!