Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When will it be spring

Ok...Sing this to the tune of When Will I be Loved by Linda Ronstat (yes...it's an old tune)
And feel free to add your own verse.  I only came up with a couple.

When Will It be Spring?

I am freezing,
And I'm sneezing.
When will it be spring?

I'm all bundled up,
And I'm fed up.
When will it be spring?

When I wake in the morning,
and it's 15 degrees,
It almost breaks
my heart in two.
I'm missing my bees!!    (Lame, I know, but it rhymes with degrees)

My lips are blue,
And my toes too!
When will it be spring????

...and that's all I have.  SOOO please add more!  :o)

1 comment:

  1. My nose is red and runny
    My head feel hot and "funny"
    When will it be spring?

    I look a lot like the Michelen Man
    I'm wearing as many clothes as I can.
    When will it be spring?